Testimony: Matt Livermore

My faith journey for those who are interested!

For Exceptional Men

I am not a convert to the faith, I was baptised and brought up a Catholic, butI did spend a long time away from the Church, searching for things I thought Christianity did not have.

So I stopped going to church shortly after my confirmation, at around the age of 15. This was inevitable for many reasons. The key one, one which I don’t like to admit, was probably apathy.

People may tell you they have left the Church because of dissent, because they disagree on principle with some of its teachings. This is usually a convenient cover story for the more basic truth – they can’t be bothered to carry on going to Mass on Sunday.

All around, people are getting on with their lives and enjoying themselves without ever thinking about church or God or any of that stuff. This is especially true for teenage boys…

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